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5 ways to size the right air compressor for a new factory setup

Beer Factory Setup in the picture above.

Sizing the right air compressor for a new production factory setup involves several factors, including:

  1. Air demand: Determine the total CFM (cubic feet per minute) required for all air tools and processes in the factory.

  2. Duty cycle: Calculate the percentage of time the compressor will be in use versus idle.

  3. Pressure requirements: Determine the required PSI (pounds per square inch) for all tools and processes.

  4. Air quality: Consider the required air quality for your specific processes, such as oil-free air for food and pharmaceutical applications.

  5. Space constraints: Evaluate the available space for the air compressor and accessories, such as air tanks and filters.

Based on these factors, you can determine the size (horsepower) of the compressor that will meet your factory's specific needs. It's recommended to consult with an air compressor expert or supplier to ensure the right size and type of compressor is selected.

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