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Michelin's Tire Manufacturing Industry

In 1997, Michelin North America upgraded the compressed air system controls at its tire manufacturing plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina. In response to growing energy costs and the desire to remain competitive in the tire industry, Michelin performed an internal evaluation of its compressed air system to determine how it could improve the system’s efficiency and energy use. The evaluation provided the basis for a project to install a new control system. The controls upgrade project at Michelin’s plant enabled multiple compressor operation without blow-off during load swings. In addition, the plant has been able to stabilize and lower pressure levels, leading to estimated annual energy savings of $75,000 and 2,143,000 kWh. The project’s total cost was $120,000, giving the plant a simple payback of approximately a year and a half.

The complete case study of the Michelin Factory

Tire Factory Michelin Case
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