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PM VSD Screw Air Compressor Energy Saving Up to 50%

Featuring our latest product, the Jaguar series which start as low as 10 HP to 60 HP. Sizes from 75 HP to 350 HP will only be build upon order confirmation.

  • The VSD keeps pressure in stable, which avoids the waste of energy in the process of loading and unloading. This effectively stabilizes the lading pressure in the air supply pipeline. The pressure fluctuation is controlled between 0.01 Mpa. 

  • As a result of stable pressure, the overall average pressure is reduced, and the system load is reduce, which greatly reduces the energy consumption. With the decrease of the average working pressure, the leakage risk in the system pipeline is greatly reduced.

  • After the VSD machine is started, the starting stage of the motor will not affect the electrical grid, and the energy loss of the peak current of the traditional air compressor in the start-up phase is removed.

  • Provide a wide pressure range to the user, VSD compressor can be customized with high pressure and special design of the inverter and motor, ensuring the safety and stability in VSD control. 


The PM VSD air compressor comes in various sizes. The catalog below will have detailed background of the product range.

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